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Ravangla, a small town situated in South Sikkim, surrounded by high-forested hills, undulating valleys dotted with village huts is a perfect destination for village tourism.
Ravangla (2440m) is located on the ridge separating the Teesta valley from the Rangit valley Ravangla is South Sikkim’s latest tourist attraction. Obviously the prime attraction of Ravangla is the unobstructed views of the snow peaks. Ravangla offers breath taking views of Kanchanjungha along with its sister peaks of Pandim, Kabru, Sinialchu and many others. Ravangla is located at the foot of Menam hill, housing a small hermitage.

How to Reach Ravangla

Ravangla is well connected to Siligur (5 hrs aprox), although direct jeeps are difficult but break journey is possible at Jorethang or Singtam. Ravangla is also connected with other tourist spot of Sikkim, like Gantok (2hrs aprox) and Pelling (3hrs aprox).

Places to Visit in Ravangla

Borong is a popular village situated near Ravangla, facing the snow-capped mountains. This village is reached through the Maenam trek and is most popularly known for its hot springs of 'Borong Tsachu'. The trek route along this region starts from Namchi or Damthang and ends at Tendong. This trek is further carried till Tashidang, or is terminated at this very point.
The hot springs of Borong facilitate traditional winter spas in the area. These springs being sulphurous, are said to contain medicinal properties that are capable of curing many skin problems and other ailments associated with joints, bones and muscles.

Temi Tea Estate - The Temi Tea Estate, situated at a distance of 16 km from Ravangla, is the only tea state of Sikkim, known for producing top quality tea for domestic and international markets. This tea garden is spread on a single hill slope that originates from the Tendong Hills. A visit to this tea garden provides an opportunity to view the processing of tea leaves into the final tea product, in their factories. This tea garden was established in 1960s by the Sikkim Government, under the last king of Sikkim.
The specialty of the tea produced at this garden, is its rare combination of tea flavours with liquor that makes it fetch some of the highest rates in the international market. Its location on the road from Dentham provides a 9 km trek route through the Tendong Sanctuary, which leads to a dormant volcano located between the Kanchenjunga and Singalila Range. There is also an old British Bungalow or a gateway facility located within the premises of this tea garden.

Shiva Mandir - The town of Ravangla also has a Shiva temple situated 26 km away from it. This temple is located on the banks of the Rangit river, at Legshep and its most popular feature is the annual festival of Shivaratri, held here during every February.

Tendong Hill - The 8530 ft tall Tendong Hill is one of the most prominent attractions of Ravangla, as well as of the South Sikkim. This hill is the subject of many myths passed down through generations of the indigenous Lepchas. Its name translates as "the upraised horn", which has been given to it by the Lepchas, at the time when their land was submerged in flood waters. Since then, there has been a tradition at this hill, that a monk visits it during the monsoons and stays there throughout the season, continuously praying that the calamity does not repeat itself.

Maenam Hill - The Maenam Hills is one of the trekking points of Ravangla Town and is situated at an altitude of 10,300 ft. The surroundings of this hill provide a view of Mt. KhangchenDzonga, as well as of many other richly forested and rugged hills. On clear sunny days, from this hill, one can also view the Bengal plains, spread between Kalimpong and Darjeeling hills. This hill is also a meditation site for a large number of monks. The forests around these hills include vegetation like oak, chestnut, magnolia and rhododendron trees. This cover of vegetation is a natural habitat for red pandas, Himalayan black bears and several species of deer. There is also the Yangyang Village near this hill, which is situated at a few km from the Bhaley Dunga; the distance between which is covered by a modern ropeway.

Ralong Hot Springs - The Ralong Hot Springs, known also as the Ralang Cha-chu, are located at a distance of 7 km from the village of Borong and 4 km from the Naya Bazaar, on the banks of River Rangit. Apart from being medicinal, these springs also have religious importance, as they are found in one of the four holy caves of Sikkim. The area is also an ideal spot for butterfly and bird watchers.

Kewzing Village - The village of Kewzing is situated 8 km away from the town of Ravangla. The village is an ideal location for experiencing the local rural life of Sikkim. The families here allow travellers to stay with them, providing an experience of the renowned Sikkimese hospitability. The famous Bonn Monastery is also located at a short distance from this village. 2 km from the Kewzing Bazaar, lies the Mangbrue Gompa, which follows the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. The area of this village was also used as a strategic location by the invading Bhutanese army during the 19th century and the ruins of their bunkers and outposts are still seen here.

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